The Crisis As A Generator Of Telephone Number List

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The Crisis As A Generator Of Telephone Number List

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Change In the second block is the moment of assimilation, preparation and change of sample company and brand in a market that has changed, with new rules and where we must already have the active mechanisms to re-adapt as soon as Telephone number list the environment demands it. . But this time with a well-defined strategy and marketing prepared for times of crisis. The key question is, if we are going to go back to a market in which the main rules of the game have changed, how can we think that the results and objectives are achieved by doing the same as before? Block 3: Post-confinement marketing strategies In block 3 it is time to attack marketing with Telephone number list new eyes and this time laying the foundations well.

We recommend designing marketing strategies from less to more and from the inside out, marketing with methodology and common sense in the new situation. A people-centered marketing, starting from our customers to guide it towards sales. We propose the importance of online sales as a second Telephone number list waterline, being more human and close brands, the Telephone number list use of data that leads to Marketing Intelligence and BI , a change in style in advertising and the enhancement of digital channels. Block 4: Keys that you should never forget We find the 30 main Telephone number list points summarized that we must take into account in our company to apply crisis marketing at the present time.
Crisis Marketing book index, new opportunities after COIV-19 To finish we leave you the index of the book, so that there are no more excuses Telephone number list when buying it! Block I: Context and analysis, learning from mistakes 1.1. Volatile environments, flexible strategies 1.2. Unexpected events and our ability to react or adapt 1.3. Constant change is the new normal / Re evolution 1.4. Coronavirus as global digital transformer 1.5. We think we are in control, but the rules are made by others Block II: Crises as generators of change 2.1. Assimilation, preparation Telephone number list and change 2.2. Marketing in times of crisis 2.3. Strategic planning, new scenario Block III: Post-confinement marketing strategies 3.