How to pay for advertising on Facebook Industry Email List?

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How to pay for advertising on Facebook Industry Email List?

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Add campaign managersThis option eliminates the need for you to share your personal logins since these people will be able to manage the campaigns from their own account Industry Email List.

You must then add a payment method under the “Payment parameters” tab. Click on “Add a payment method” and enter the requested details. Before Industry Email List launching your advertisement, it is absolutely necessary that you activate your Facebook Pixel on your site Industry Email List.

It is a little spy that records the behavior of visitors to your site. It will therefore allow you to see how people react to your advertising Industry Email List. For this you will need to copy and paste a piece of code on all the pages of your site that you will find in Facebook. You just need to follow the steps in your Facebook ad manager.

If you have a Shopify site, you can activate it even more easily. Go to your Facebook business page manager to copy the pixel ID. Your store is now linked to the Facebook Pixel Industry Email List! If you are wondering what this step is for, we invite you to read our dedicated article on the Facebook Pixel Industry Email List.